Floridian Pool's Resurfacing:

Floridian Pool's Resurfacing recommends Diamond Brite Exposed Aggregate Pool Interior Finish For Extreme Durability And Years Of Pool Use And Enjoyment.
Diamond Brite™ Finishes are are factory blended with natural quartz aggregates and fortified white polymer modified Portland cement ideal for new or resurfaced swimming pools.  Available in a variety of colors and textures. Diamond Brite™ Finishes are extremely durable and attractive alternative to traditional pool marcite coatings. 

Why Us?

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How A Pool Is Renovated?

The Begining Stage Of PREP
1. We come out and turn your equipment off at your given time.
2. We put an electric pump in your pool and drain out all water.
3.We pull the plug in the main drain. This is important to allow any ground water that is under the pool to equalize. If this is not done your pool could pop out of the ground.
4. We check the pool for any hollow spot. If any are found we remove them.
5.Undercut and chip under tile, return lines, and the light.
6.Sandblasting is necessary only when the pool is painted or has fiberglass.
7. The pool is then washed down and cleaned of all debris.
8.The Florida Stucco Bond Kote is mixed and applied to the pool. This allows the newplaster to properly bond.

The Plaster Stage

1. Plaster crew will double check to make sure no hollows popped up on the existing finish. If so this will be corrected before applying plaster.
2. A new frame will be installed over the existing main drain. The new frame that will be installed over the existing main drain that is in compliance with the V.B. Act.
3.The Florida Stucco plaster material will be mixed in the pool  and will be put on the pool and the first coat will be applied to the wall. Known as the scratch coat.
4.Then a 2nd coat of plaster will be applied by hand and troweled to a smooth finish.
5.We always acid wash all our pools. Washing the pools down with acid to help break down the cream that was toweled to the surface. We do an acid wash to expose all the 3-M color quartz.
6. Before we leave we start the water in your pool Although it is always recommended that you keep an eye on the water level as well. NEVER STOP THE WATER UNLESS IT HAS REACHED THE MIDDLE OF THE TILE LINE.

Diamond Brite Process

Our exclusive Diamond Brite™ pool resurfacing process will give you the look and feel of a new pool, and give you years of use and enjoyment.  We resurface commercial and residential swimming pools and spas, no pool is too large or too small.
We will need the overall length, width, and depth of your pool when you call. Once we've assed your pool, we will give you a FREE ESTIMATE, and can complete the job in a professional, timely manner. 

Reccomendations After a Pool is Filled

1. Brush the pool at least once a day for the first 2 weeks and periodically check the filter at your pool equipment. While brushing your pool you will remove and help expose the material. Your filter will pick up any cream that will be brushed off the surface. This cream will have to be washed off the filter cartridge or it may harden on the filter.
2. Do Not use a pool cleaner for the first 30-Days. Even though the surface feels hard it is still in a curing process and installing a pool cleaner sooner then 30 Days may cause a breakdown of the pool surface.
3. Do Not use a pool heater for the first 30 Days as well. The material is still in the curing process.
4. Do Not use your salt system for the first 30 Days because of the above-mentioned curing process.